Posters and presentations


  • GHGT-12, Texas, 5-9 October 2014

- oral presentation by BRGM: read the abstract "1:1 scale wellbore experiment and associated modelling for a better understanding of well integrity in the context of CO2 geological storage"

- oral presentation by BRGM: read the abstract "Ranking importance of uncertainties for the assessment of residual and dissolution trapping of CO2 on a large-scale storage site"

  • 9th CO2GeoNet Open Forum, Venice, 20-22 May, 2014

- presentation "The long-term fate of CO2 in the subsurface - Latest results from the FP7 UltimateCO2 project", by BRGM

- poster "ULTimateCO2: Understanding the Long-Term fate of geologically stored CO2"

  • Goldschmidt2014, California, 11 June 2014

- poster "Comparison of Model and Experimental Results for CO2-water-Rock Interactions: What Data are Best?" by BGR

  • European Geosciences Union GA, Vienna, 30 April 2014

-poster "Along and across fault permeability of clay-rich fault gouges and implications for CO2 storage" by UU



  • American Geophysical Union Fall meeting, San Fransisco, 8-13 December 2013

- poster "The effect of composition on the mechanical behaviour of simulated clay-rich fault gouges" by UU

  • Goldschmidt Conference, 27 August 2013

- poster " Long-term CO2 induced reactivity, observations on natural CO2 analogues and geochemical model predictions" by TNO

  • Trondheim TCCS7, 4-6 June 2013

- presentation "CO2 storage: building trust between operator and authorities with a view to transferring residual risk when decommissioning - a modeller’s perspective" by TNO

  • 8th CO2GeoNet Open Forum, Venice, 9-13 April, 2013:

- presentation "Hydrogeological modeling of CO2 storage at the basin scale: preliminary results on the Paris basin", by IFPEN



  • GHGT-II conference in Kyoto, Nov 2012:

- A poster introducing ULTimateCO2’s objectives and methodology by BRGM and Consortium members

- A poster describing the Mont Terri underground rock laboratory experiment by BRGM and Consortium members

  • 7th CO2GeoNet Open Forum, Venice, 17-18 April 2012:

- presentation "ULTimateCO2 - Understanding the Long-Term fate of geologically stored CO2", by BRGM

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