Read the ULTimateCO2 State-of-the-Art Report


Read about the latest information on the uncertainty associated with long term CO2 geological storage. The report contains the partners’ pooled knowledge and provides a view of the current state-of-the-art for the issues addressed by this project:

  • Long-term reservoir trapping efficiency
  • Long-term sealing integrity of faulted and fractured caprock
  • Near-well leakage characterization and chemical processes
  • Long term behavior of stored CO2 looking at the basin scale
  • Uncertainty assessment

Each chapter is divided into two sections: (i) a summary which explains in “simple words” the main issues and objectives of the WP, and (ii) a current state-of-the-art section that provides a more sound review on the specific studied processes. The aim is to provide answers to pertinent questions from a variety of users, particularly project owners, site operators and national authorities, about their exposure to uncertainty downstream of closure of a CO2 geological storage site.

Dernière mise à jour le 03.06.2014